Man slammed for getting mad at wife for bleeding after she gave birth

For some mothers, giving birth can be an incredibly painful and traumatic experience – injuries can occur and there’s bound to be a lot of blood involved.

And there will likely be a lot more blood to follow afterwards as the body heals. It’s completely natural.

Although one mum has confessed she’s been made to feel ‘gross’ about the bleeding by her husband since giving birth to their child recently.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed parent explained how she’d had an argument with her husband over her disposal of sanitary towels and the bleeding she was experiencing.

One thing lead to another and now her partner is sleeping in the guest room and she’s not sure if she said the wrong thing, so she turned to the internet for advice.

She wrote: “I’m a housewife, my husband works a 9-5, so I take care of the house all day, laundry, dishes, kids, etc.

“I just had a baby so I’m still bleeding and I can’t wear tampons (I can’t wear tampons anyway because I have a tilted cervix) so I wear pads. When I change my pad, I wrap it in toilet paper and usually the wrapper that the other one came in but sometimes just toilet tissue.

“My husband always tells me it’s really gross when he goes to the bathroom and can see the bloody tissue that my pad is wrapped in and he doesn’t need to see that.

We got in a fight about it with him telling me it’s disgusting to see the blood and no one needs to know I’m ‘on my period’ which I’m not on my period, I’m bleeding from birthing a baby.”

The mum goes on to say that after her husband said this, she then criticised him for having stains in his boxers, which she also found unpleasant to deal with.

She added: “I told him I would start disposing of my pads the way he wants me to when he learns how to wipe better and I don’t have to scrub s**t stains out of his boxers.

“He told me I was out of line and has slept in the guest room the last couple nights. AITA?”

More than 2,000 people have since responded to the post, with many agreeing the husband was in the wrong.

One person replied: “It’s not even period blood; it’s blood from an injury she got birthing their child.”

Another said: “I can’t believe she married someone who is grossed out by pads and ‘doesn’t need to see that’ like excuse me but menstruation is a fact of life for half the population and it’s not optional. Also she just had his baby how is she supposed not to bleed, just have the whole thing cauterized? What a dumb idiot.”

A third wrote: “He helped make a baby but is going to be a little sissy lala when he sees blood? Tell him to grow the f**k up.”

Someone else added: “You’re dealing with a newborn, a house, other kids, lochia and he thinks that your bloody pads are offensive?”

The NHS website shares more information on bleeding after birth, stating: “You’ll bleed from your vagina after the birth. It will be quite heavy at first, and you’ll need super-absorbent sanitary towels. Change them regularly, washing your hands before and afterwards.

“It isn’t a good idea to use tampons until after your 6-week postnatal check because they could increase your chance of getting an infection.

“You may notice the bleeding is redder and heavier when you breastfeed. This happens because breastfeeding makes your womb contract. You may also feel cramps similar to period pains.

“The bleeding will carry on for a few weeks. It will gradually turn a brownish colour and decrease until it finally stops.”